The Church’s commission to make disciples extends into all of society, including the schools. This is particularly important for the new nation of South Sudan, whose future is in the hands of the young people of today. South Sudan desperately needs godly citizens and leaders, disciples of Christ who will work within their spheres of influence with integrity and diligence.

There is a great hunger for the Word of God among secondary school students. In response to that hunger, Cush4Christ has been a catalyst to see student groups formed in several schools. The first group, which the students named BLYCSA (Better Living for Young Christians Secondary School Association), was formed in 2008 in Aweil Town. An alumnus of this first group has been instrumental in forming new groups in four counties of the state.

The BLYCSA groups provide the teaching and accountability necessary for a year of discipleship in the foundational truths of the Bible and the disciplines of a healthy disciple of Jesus. The vision for the BLYCSA members is that they will go out into their various vocations bringing transformation as they faithfully serve in loving obedience to Jesus.

Believing in the importance of influencing younger hearts and minds through a Christ-centered education, Cush4Christ plans to start a Christian primary school in the next year or two.