Cush4Christ’s church planting work began in 2007 with developing relationships and preliminary teaching of men who would become the first church planters. In 2008 the first mission church was established and the curriculum for the church planter training program was developed. 

More mission churches in new communities were added in 2009 and later that year the first three pastors were ordained, setting the stage for the birth of a new denomination in May 2010. At that time, two churches were officially organized. Training of deacons began that year as well.

Since then, another church has been organized, mission churches have been established in additional locations, and three more pastors ordained. Deacons have also been ordained in the three organized churches.

People in many communities are asking for church planters to be sent to work among them. Many men are also seeking to join the church planter training program.


The church planter training is a process that equips men with the knowledge and skills needed to plant and pastor healthy, multiplying churches. Active involvement in a church plant is an integral part of the training. Among the many topics covered in the two-year curriculum are evangelism, discipleship, preaching, counseling and biblical leadership.

When the training of the first men began, there were no facilities and classes took place under a tree. Since then, Crossroads Training Center (CTC), which is shared with Weer Bei FM, was built. 

Crossroads Training Center (CTC) is located at the junction of two main roads that extend from north to south and east to west. This strategic location will be a hub for church planter training in Aweil and beyond.